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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Not quite a corporate blog writer

A friend mentioned the idea of blogging for money. Not writing my own, personal blog and hoping people see it, but writing for corporations who don't have time to blog themselves but need to generate content. It's a good idea, since I already do this in my job, and have for years.

I am a PR and marketing professional with an MBA, but writing has been my favorite part of each job.

For the food industry, I write this blog.

I write engineering articles like this one (a cover story) and this one (one of the year's most-read articles).

I am a big fan of and do some writing for this organization, which is health- and children- focused.

This annual report was the most-requested in the organization's history.

In addition, I've worked for clients in B2B and consumer technology, CPG, education, finance, hospitality, medical, and probably a few more I can't remember.

Am I some freakish genius that knows about all this different stuff? I learn by talking to smart people about what they know and how they see trends evolving and organizing it into articles. This is how the process generally works, and sometimes it takes more work on the client's part than he or she thinks it will:

  1. They come up with the idea; I research and write the whole article based on an initial conversation.
  2. They come up with the idea; I interview them and write with an article based on the interview. Sometimes it's just an outline first.
  3. I come up with a bunch of ideas, and we discuss what's viable. Then I either research it myself or interview them.
For the next few months I have some work to do to get more up to speed on SEO and other guidelines of blogging. If you have suggestions, send them my way!

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